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Roof Repairing Services

We specialize in repairing and replacing flat roofs made of clay tiles, slate, and asphalt. With our cutting-edge roofing method, we can help you provide a roof that can withstand severe weather.

Masonry Work Services

We are a highly skilled Masonry contractor NYC specializing in restoring and repairing brick walls. We guarantee perfect results thanks to our meticulous inspections and attention to detail. Our licensed contractors have extensive expertise in repairing in New York City during times of need.

Sidewalk Repair Services

Our extensive expertise as licensed renovation contractor NYC allows us to restore and repair your sidewalk to the new condition completely. No matter how big or little your needs are, we guarantee excellent work thanks to our meticulous inspecti and attention to detail.

Local law 11

Facade Restoration Over time, your building's facade can deteriorate due to weather, pollution, and other factors. Our facade restoration services help preserve the integrity and aesthetic appeal of your property. Our skilled team specializes in brick, stone, and concrete facade restoration, ensuring a stunning transformation enhances the structural integrity and value of your building.

Concrete Repair & Installation

Revitalize your property with our comprehensive Concrete Services. From foundational repairs to decorative enhancements, our skilled team delivers tailored solutions to meet all your concrete needs, ensuring durability, functionality, and aesthetic appeal.

Interior Design Services

Together, let’s delve into our range of interior design services, catering to commercial, office, and full-renovation projects. As one of the biggest construction companies in NYC, we at 786 Construction, bring a wealth of experience, expertise, and creativity to every interior design endeavour. Our commercial interior design services are top-notch and pave way for high-quality building and structural projects.

Building Renovation & Restoration

786 CONSTRUCTION SERVICES CORPORATION has been keeping New York City buildings looking brand new while retaining their classic style. We specialize in restoring the facades of traditional buildings, from large commercial to single homeowner, with exacting attention to detail to ensure that all colors match and details are reproduced perfectly.

Painting Service

Our painters are trained to properly deal with any painting challenge that may come up. We will show up on time and provide you with the quality you expect in a timeline that's unexpected. You're guaranteed a great paint job that won't require any touch ups on your part. You and your property will be treated with the respect and attention to safety and comfort you deserve.


Expert Installation: Efficient and secure scaffolding setups tailored for any project size. Safety Compliance: Adherence to strict safety standards to ensure a secure environment for workers and the public. Certified Professionals: Skilled team trained in the latest safety protocols.

Note: The above offers are applicable only for projects above $10000.

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Three Decades of Experience

About 786
Construction Services

*786 Construction Services Coorporation was founded when two CUNY college graduates, Mohammad and Jerry were frustrated with corporate life and decided to build a business tackling the most frustrating issues for NYC building owners, NYC property managements , Develoeprs , Homeowners , Real estate agents and , all that . They had heard from friends and neighbors a lot of frustration about getting quick estimates , crediblity of construction businesses, not showing up on time, fraud , not licensed , insured and, on projects.

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Your Trusted Partner in Renovation

786 Construction Services Corporation is your reliable and certified partner. When it comes to renovation, Local Law 11 compliance, roofing, and concrete services in NYC, New Jersey, and New York State, 786 Construction Services Corporation stands out as one of the best. Our goal is to impress you so thoroughly that you return to us for all your future projects. We handle every task with expertise and care. If you need assistance finding affordable supplies and fixtures, our experts are here to help. Our staff undergo frequent training and hold relevant credentials and expertise. From initial cleaning to final restoration, we have you covered. When disaster strikes, call 786 Construction Services Corporation at 646-823-7206 or 934-210-1834. We guarantee a rapid response time and have all the equipment needed for any job, regardless of its scale. Our resources are available 24/7.

Your Reliable Partner in Any Building Project 786 Construction Services Corporation's project management skills allow us to develop a detailed, sequential plan to oversee and control every aspect of your new or renovated bespoke project. We provide a secure escrow payment method because we believe building owners, homeowners, property managers, and all our potential partners and clients should not worry about their money while we construct or remodel their NYC property.

How It Work

How It Work



The first step in any remodelling project is a consultation with a remodelling expert who will help outline the work to be done and develop a realistic budget. We are committed to providing timely, high-quality service while always acting honestly and fairly.



New York City has many construction codes and red tape that must be navigated to complete a building renovation. Our team will submit and handle all necessary permissions with the building management firm and the municipality on schedule and budget using our proprietary approvals procedure.



You will work with a skilled designer to discuss all aspects of the design, and you will see it in 3D before it is built. We will also take you to our Midtown showroom, so you can choose all the components for your new project in one convenient trip.



The remodelling process can now commence. By planning the building process of your space beforehand, you save time and money. We determine the quality of building materials, the cost of furnishings, and the financial flow needed at each step with careful planning. 5.



The new addition is finished. We will conduct a walkthrough with you to check for quality control and ensure you have received everything promised. Enjoy your new space and lifestyle worry-free, as your warranty on labour and materials begins now.


Scrubbing and Transferring

In New York City, we exclusively use premium, name-brand materials for every project. Whether it's new construction, maintenance, or restoration, you can count on everything being provided with enthusiasm and dedication. We offer complete cleanup and handover to our customers once all work is done.

Areas We Serve

786 Construction proudly provides services to the following areas: 1. Manhattan 2. Brooklyn 3. Queens 4. Staten Island 5. Bronx 6. New Jersey City Our Service Description: 786 Construction Services Corporation is your premier partner for building restoration, facade improvement, and renovation in NYC. We are proud to serve Manhattan, Brooklyn, Staten Island, the Bronx, Queens, all of New York State, and all of New Jersey. Our commitment to excellence extends across these diverse communities, delivering creative solutions and expert craftsmanship to NYC building owners, developers, property managers, property owners, real estate agents, and homeowners in every city.

Whether you're in the heart of Central Park, the family-friendly Brooklyn Heights, the vibrant Brighton Beach of Brooklyn, or the dynamic green spaces of Staten Island, we are dedicated to meeting your construction needs with precision and professionalism.

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