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    Understanding Local Law 11 Contractors in New York City

    Local Law 11, also known as the Facade Inspection Safety Program (FISP), is a crucial regulation in New York City aimed at ensuring the safety of buildings and pedestrians. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the key aspects of it, local law 11 requirements, the role of contractors, and the importance of compliance.

    What is Local Law 11?

    Local Law 11 mandates periodic inspections of building facades to assess their structural integrity and identify any potential hazards. This local law 11 facade applies to buildings higher than six stories and requires owners to hire qualified professionals for facade inspections and repairs as necessary. Answering the question of “what is local law 11” also entails having a look at the oldest local law 11 as follows:

    Local Law 11 of 1988:

    Local Law 11 of 1998, also referred to as the Facade Inspection and Safety Program (FISP), focuses on evaluating the condition of exterior walls of buildings. Every five years, buildings in New York City that are six stories or taller must undergo inspections conducted by Qualified Exterior Wall Inspectors (QEWIs), and a detailed report must be submitted to the Department of Buildings (DOB). It is part of the NYC Administrative Code (1 RCNY 103-04), further detailed in a regulation issued by the DOB.

    Local Law 11 NYC: Requirements and Compliance

    To comply with Local Law 11 NYC, building owners must schedule facade inspections at specified intervals, typically every five years. These inspections involve thorough assessments of exterior walls, balconies, parapets, and other facade elements to detect any signs of deterioration or unsafe conditions.

    Hiring Local Law 11 Contractors in NYC

    Local Law 11 inspections and repairs require expertise and adherence to strict regulations. It’s crucial to hire licensed contractors with experience in facade work and a thorough understanding of New York City Local Law 11’s requirements. Local law 11 contractors play a vital role in conducting inspections, submitting reports, and performing necessary repairs to maintain compliance.

    The Process of Local Law 11 Work

    Local Law 11 work follows a systematic process that includes initial inspections, reporting findings to the Department of Buildings (DOB), obtaining permits for repairs, executing necessary repairs, and submitting final compliance reports. New York city local law 11’s process ensures that buildings meet safety standards and contribute to the overall well-being of the city. 

    Importance of Local Law 11 Inspection

    Local Law 11 inspections are not just legal requirements; they are essential for safeguarding lives and property. By identifying and addressing facade issues promptly, building owners can prevent accidents, structural failures, and potential liabilities. Compliance with it is crucial for maintaining a safe built environment in New York City. Visit us as we are qualified local law 11 contractors nyc and we would not leave you disappointed. Instead come to us and be relieved, we have got you covered.


    Local Law 11 is a cornerstone of building safety in New York City, requiring proactive facade inspections and repairs to maintain structural integrity and prevent hazards. Building owners must partner with trusted contractors and prioritise compliance to contribute to a safer urban environment.

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